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Linie Aquavit Fra Norge 700ml

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Aquavit – or "Water of Life" is Norway’s national spirit. The most famous of these is Linie. Produced from potatoes, Linie receives an infusion of caraway and other herbs to complete its fragrant, attractive character.The spirit is matured in sherry casks while on board cargo ships that voyage to the Southern Hemisphere and back (and sometimes further), crossing the equatorial line twice – hence the name ‘linie’=‘line’. The length of the trip, the perpetual rolling and the alternation of heat and cold works the spirit into the grain of the oak casks, contributing flavour and also infusing Linie with its pale gold colour. This tradition has been in continuous practise for over a century when it was first noticed that one particular batch of Aquavit, recently returned from Australia aboard a cargo clipper, had been imbued with an exceptional mellowness. The name of the ship in which each batch of Linie Aquavit is matured is indicated on the bottle label.

Aquavit is most frequently enjoyed straight and in Denmark & Scandinavia, is still used as an accompaniment to traditional seafood and salty, pungent dishes. Many Norwegians regard Linie as the essential companion to pork and other fat meat.