The Loose Dozen

Dorodouli Alchemestes no.5 Aged Pomace Brandy 500ml


Distilled from grapes, aged 24 months.

Dressed in the colour of the night sky, the mission Νο. 5 stands out! Ιt remains, deep in mind, as intensely aristocratic with a velvety taste. Also, the pink flowers are dancing into a clear aftertaste of a redemptive pleasure.


  • Appearance: Clear, golden colour.
  • Nose: White flowers, pepper, honey, jasmine.
  • Palate: Vanilla, agave, spice.
  • Finish: Long and complex.


  • Serve: In a snifter or whiskey glass, with lemon and salt rim.
  • Pair: Honey, nuts, hard cheeses, chocolate, pork, citrus, chicken, caviar, pasta.
  • Use: Invite your favourite company in laughing moments on the rocks or cocktail.