The Loose Dozen

Dorodouli Alchemestes no.9 Fruity Brandy 500ml


Unique recipe, excellent distillate from grapes and fruits.

An aroma that effuses mystery and complexity extend and enforce wealth. A strong, fruity character adds a playful view into a classical elegance. It balances through a breath of freshness and a touch of style.


  • Appearance: Clear, colourless
  • Nose: Citrus fruits, tangerine, lotus, peach, juniper.
  • Palate: Orange, liquorice, pineapple, almond, cinnamon.
  • Finish: Fruity and complex.


  • Serve: Ιn a martini glass, with orange slice and cherry.
  • Pair: Chocolate, coffee, caramelized nuts, cheeses, citrus fruits, salad, beef.
  • Use: Celebrate with alchemestes No.9 spirit as dessert or in a cocktail.