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Otto's Athens Vermouth 750ml

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Named after Otto, the King who moved the capital of Greece to Athens, and who appointed a merchant to create the first Greek vermouth for him. Based on this recipe, Nikos Bakoulis and Vasilis Kiritsis, in collaboration with experienced distillers, created Otto's Athens Vermouth. Infused with wormwood, rose petals, citrus fruit, vanilla, thyme and oregano this is a vermouth that's great with tonic or soda in an Otto's and Bubbles.

The high-quality wine as the base, flavoured with mainly Greek herbs that give such a distinct character, make it incomparable to any other vermouth on the market. The ingredients are 93% Greek: rose petals, artemisia, citrus fruits, olive leaves, herbs that thrive in Greek nature, such as oregano and angelica, compose the aromatic palette.

Deep pink colour, slightly bitter in the mouth but with notes of vanilla and floral scents that bring the perfect balance. Enjoy it frozen as a cool aperitif, with soda or tonic as a long drink or with prosecco and tonic for a unique Greek cocktail.

Created by the team of Clumsies, voted 6th best bar in the world, Otto's Athens Vermouth is a flavoured Greek wine grading at 17 °, which will be ideally enjoyed in a large glass filled with ice and tonic water.  Infused with rose petals, absinthe, citrus fruits, olive leaves, oregano and angelica, its unique flavour will take you to the heart of the Greek capital!