The Loose Dozen

The Shin 15YO Pure Malt 700ml

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The Shin Malt Mizunara Whisky Range are distilled and created with the serious Whisky drinker in mind.
At 48% ABV and Gift Boxed a perfect edition for Christmas. 
A newcomer on the world stage of Japanese whiskies, The Shin Malt Whisky ranges are making headway already on the spirit awards front. The big brother of the awarded and acclaimed Shinobu whisky ranges, the master blended distiller Mr Ken Usama has completed a beautiful range of well made, balanced and delicious whiskies.
Tasting Notes:
Deep wood aroma, maltose, nectar, blueberry, Mizunara oak, milk coffee; oily, ripe fruit, lemon peel, leather, cinnamon, ginger; Finished with a hint of sweet malt with aromas of wooden barrels and a touch of fruity flavour. The sweet aftertaste is outstanding! The barrel age brings out different levels of spice and tertiary characteristics. The nose is abundant with a deep floral woody scent and elegant oak.