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Voir Vodka 700ml

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Voir Vodka- Natural Blueberry Flavour- with Gift Box 

Unforgettable moments are crafted from irresistible flavours. This distinctive explosion of flavour and velvety smoothness pays tribute to the European way of life and culture. Crafted through fivefold distillation and the use of natural flavourings, Voir Vodka is an absolute essential for any spirit enthusiast. Savor it in a cocktail or mixed beverage. For the best experience, serve it ice-cold.

Coastlines That Tell a Story 

Embark on a journey through the heart of the European lifestyle with this premium vodka, expertly infused with the essence of natural blueberries, offering a flawlessly smooth and exceptional finish. Unwind and relish the apex of refined flavours and luxury. Each sip is a taste of Europe.

This spirit is meticulously crafted by seasoned experts with over 50 years of experience, enriched by the invaluable feedback from friends and family worldwide. With this collective wisdom, the team behind Vior Vodka have crafted the ultimate vodka-based spirit, driven by the vision of recreating the pure happiness they've experienced during some of life's finest moments in paradise 

Voir Vodka is your ideal companion for any occasion, whether you're basking in the warmth of a summer beach day, commemorating a special event, or having a relaxing night in with friends.

Thier decision to blend natural blueberry flavour with vodka will entice you to make Voir Vodka a staple at every soirée, gathering, and party. As soon as you uncork the luxurious glass stopper, the room fills with a blissful aroma. 


20% Alcohol